Our Vision

To assist people in achieving life long strength, mobility, flexibility and energetic vitality through the principles of Authentic Pilates. To provide a place where people can come to quieten their mind and strengthen their body within a supportive understanding community of like-minded individuals.

Meet The Team

Michaela Brown
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Founder Trinity Pilates

Certified Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) Instructor

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (910521NAT)

APEI Mentor for Victoria

Michaela is a third generation Authentic Pilates Instructor having trained at Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) under mentors Marda Willey and Olga Tamara both taught by Joseph Pilates' renowned protegee Romana Kryzanowska. Michaela is passionate about the classical Pilates method, proud to be able to continue it's legacy and to bring you her beautiful, fully equipped classical Pilates studio to the heart of Hampton.

Michaela's journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor arises from a long struggle with the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia. Seeking a way to exercise without bringing on the effects of this condition, she began Pilates and was amazed at the strength and mobility she regained in her body. Pilates became  an essential part of a group of alternative therapies she used to manage her fibromyalgia. Many years later, her condition under control, she became passionate about teaching this method to others. 

Becoming certified in the Authentic Pilates method with Authentic Pilates Education International to the advanced method as a Pilates Instructor and also completing a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, Michaela then opened her studio in the beautiful Bayside suburb of Hampton, excited to bring the only fully equipped classical Pilates studio into the area.

Michaela is client focused, striving to maintain the Authentic Pilates methodology to "teach to the body" so people achieve the results they seek. She loves that Pilates allows her to work with people enthusiastic about making changes in their lives and being a part of this transformative process. She loves being able to work with people of all ages, genders & cultures and has a special interest in working with people who live with chronic conditions.

Lucia Farina
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Certified Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) Instructor

Certified Stott Pilates Instructor

BTEC in Performing Arts (Circus)

Certified Personal Trainer

Founder Power House Dojo

Lucia discovered classical Pilates after having worked in the industry for some time and became hooked on how it made her feel in comparison to the style of Pilates she had been teaching and practising prior to this. She felt something quite significantly different in her body; she felt accomplished and that there wasn't anything she couldn't do! Lucia began studying her classical Pilates instruction at Exhale Pilates (APEI training school in London) and loved how versatile, accepting and comforting, for almost any body shape, posture type or fitness level this style of Pilates is. Lucia realised how powerful the practice is and this is what she wants to pass on to all her clients.

Lucia's personal fitness background is Martial Arts, Gym and Circus Training. She has been teaching fitness since 2005. In addition to her Pilates qualifications, she is a qualified Personal Trainer specialising in Low Back Pain Management and Sports Conditioning. She has a BTEC in Performing Arts (Circus) and is also qualified to work with people who have medical conditions ranging from diabetes to depression to epilepsy. Her experience in working with the body ranges from severely injured people in wheelchairs, to athletes, to women recovering from cancer to long distance runners.

"I wish for everyone to experience Pilates as profoundly as I have. From studying with Authentic Pilates Education, I have come to appreciate and respect, that it’s a fulfilling journey with no end in sight!"

Lucia is the founder of Power House Dojo, a virtual Pilates studio, but you can be taught by her in real life at Trinity Pilates!


Authentic Pilates Collective

Trinity Pilates also functions as a collective of instructors who all teach the Authentic Pilates method. Each instructor manages their own schedule & pricing. Please contact them directly to organise bookings:

Eve Fairbairn

Certified Authentic Pilates Education International Instructor

APEI Teacher Trainer for Victoria

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certified, Master Instructor level 1

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (910521NAT)

DNS exercise (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) Certificate level 1 & 2

0403 909 197