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The Ultimate Method to Be Strong for Life

Do you want to live a long and adventurous life? Walk, run, swim, ski, dance, cycle or surf for as long as you can?  Exercise and movement are core elements of a long & healthy life. It's not just about looking fit - it's about the mobility of the spine; the health of your internal organs and functional movement of your limbs. Make Authentic Pilates a part of your exercise program and enjoy the many benefits this unique exercise regime can bring to your life.


Feel the Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is practised not just in and of itself but to impact the rest of our lives in the most positive ways. It can assist with:

  • Mobility of the spine

  • Core strength and stability

  • Increased muscle tone and muscle balance

  • Improved flexibility and range of movement

  • Joint mobility and stability

  • Improved postural habits

  • Increased body awareness and coordination

  • Enhanced vitality, stamina and performance

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Be Taught by Qualified Instructors

At Trinity Pilates you can feel secure in knowing Instructors are qualified to the highest level in Authentic Pilates. We take pride in our history, being able to trace our teaching lineage back to Joseph Pilates through the time honoured tradition of mentoring and apprenticeship. We trust in his method, knowing that it has stood the test of time, using the equipment that he designed and is made for exercises we practice.

Receive Individual Attention in Small Classes

Walk into our Studio and find a calm space where you are able to relax and focus and turn your attention to your own body and the correct movements. You will become addicted to feeling energised, stronger, straighter and more flexible. Our small classes allow for individualised attention where your own needs are focused on and real changes can take place. Lets be real - Pilates is not a quick fix, it is a life long habit, we teach you and encourage you on how to make this practice a part of your life, in the Studio and at home on your own so you can truly reap the benefits of this amazing exercise regime.

Why Trinity Pilates?

Beginners welcomed with suitable classes available

Permanent Bookings - secure your preferred time

Individual attention in each class - private or group


Classes in the Authentic Pilates Method

Supportive community for all health goals

Diploma qualified Instructors - certified in the Authentic Pilates Method through APEI

Start now with up to 4 Authentic Pilates classes for only $150...

Value $90

Initial Consultation

In your Initial Consultation we discuss your goals, assess your body's needs and provide an introduction to the Authentic Pilates method. This is a one hour session and involves a workout, so be ready to get started in your active - wear. Not sure what to wear? Read here for full details about what to expect, wear and bring to your Pilates class.

Value $85

1 Private

In your second session, you will continue to be introduced to the Authentic Pilates method.  This gives you an extra chance to get to know the apparatus and develop your confidence with the exercises before joining a group class. If a group class is not for you, then you will continue on with a further Private session instead.

Value $90 or $85

2 Small Group


1 Private

Experience a small group class with a maximum of 3 other clients of your ability and feel invigorated, flexible and strong. Or if you have your own special focus take another Private class to discover the many benefits a one on one class can provide. 

The total value of these sessions is $265, saving over $100 giving you the best start on your Pilates journey!

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What is Authentic Pilates?

Today, Pilates seems to be everywhere from your local gym to YouTube, touting the many and varied aspects in which it can "tone your core". However, Authentic Pilates is so much more than that!

While these many forms have a base in the Pilates exercises, the original method created by Joseph Pilates is the authentic philosophy - now referred to as "classical" or "authentic" Pilates, which we practice at Trinity Pilates.

Pilates or "Contrology" as Joseph Pilates named his exercise regime, was created nearly 100 years ago as a method of reconditioning both body and mind to work at peak efficiency.


Authentic Pilates practices movement from a strong centre with a dynamic two-way stretch.

It uses flexion, extension and oppositional forces, correct alignment and 6 principles of moving: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath and Fluidity.


It addresses structural alignment, reinforces positive postural habits, improves blood circulation, boosts muscle power and builds endurance.

In a session of Authentic Pilates, you will work from your toes to the crown of your head, developing a long flexible spine, a strong stable core, and long, lean limbs. You will train your body to engage your Powerhouse and to find your centre to move in every direction a body can move, but with control.

Training your body in this way takes the exercise out of the Studio into your everyday life, enhancing all your other physical pursuits, staving off potential injuries and creating lifelong mobility.



This must be the best Pilates studio in Melbourne. All the teachers are exceptional, and the small class size allows them to give focussed and tailored care. This allows you to get the most out of every session and ensure you’re using the right muscles and reduces the risk of injuries. It is also very clean and hygienic and friendly. Highly recommend!


Michaela brings quality back into all my Pilates sessions. She is highly focused on each individual and teaches to meet each persons strengths and weaknesses.

I highly recommend Authentic Pilates Melbourne to anyone wanting to improve their core strength, flexibility and bring a bit of that youth serum into one's posture and body!


The only exercise I absolutely love. The classical methods that Michaela and her teachers practice have helped me feel strong and develop muscles I didn't know I had. Small and friendly classes mean that I feel like I am getting one on one attention too.