Authentic Pilates Melbourne &

Authentic Pilates Education International

Trinity Pilates is proud to be the host studio in Melbourne for Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) known in this capacity as Authentic Pilates Melbourne.

The mission of APEI is to preserve and teach Authentic Pilates with current and future generations of Pilates Professionals. The goal at  Authentic Pilates Education International is to train excellent instructors. Our teacher trainers are all recognised 2nd generation Pilates Instructors. Training Lineage by Generation; Joseph and Clara Pilates.

When choosing a Pilates training program, high quality Pilates training is key to a successful and fulfilling career as a Pilates Teacher. Pilates instructors require knowledge, skill and confidence to provide effective private Pilates training and group sessions. Our solid teacher training program will provide you with the foundation in understanding the Classical Pilates Method, the underlying principles, equipment and how it all works as an “Integrated System”.

The Authentic Pilates Education International teacher training program offers a comprehensive course delivered face to face emphasising hands-on instruction, as well as the APEI Bridging  program and Mat Course from Basic to the Advanced level.

Classical Pilates trained instructors are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. Remember, you will not be a good, effective Pilates instructor with excellent teaching skills after only a few weekends of training. It takes time and focus.

In Melbourne, the program is delivered by APEI Director Olga Tamara, APEI Teacher Trainer Marda Willey, principal APEI Mentor Eve Fairbairn and supported by APEI Mentors Michaela Brown and Rachel Lotspeich. For full details about the program please head to the APEI website.