Be Strong For Life

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Welcome to Trinity Pilates - your space to empower yourself towards a total mind, body reformation. Be supported in your goals but also challenged to push your boundaries with this unique exercise regime.


The Trinity Philosophy

Be Authentic

At Trinity Pilates you will practice the classical method of Pilates that Joseph Pilates created. This unique form of body conditioning combines strengthening and stretching exercises that work from the inside out, resulting in a unity between body, mind and spirit. 

Be Qualified

You can be assured that all instructors working at Trinity Pilates are certified Authentic Pilates Instructors with over 600 hours of mentored training plus Diploma qualifications. You will work with passionate professionals bringing Pilates to you to enhance your life.

Be Connected

You will build a relationship between yourself and your instructor and work with them to achieve your needs and goals. You will discover a connection between your mind and your body finding how moving your body can change your mind.


Be Centred

You will learn how to activate your “Powerhouse” the core group of muscles (abs, glutes and thighs) in order to power your body from this strong centre; to move in every direction a body can move but with control. Training your body in this way takes the exercise out of the Studio and into your everyday life, enhancing all your other physical pursuits, staving off potential injuries and creating life long mobility.

Be Strong

To live your life to the full you need to have mobility, flexibility, strength and sanity. You will experience how this unique full body workout can benefit all aspects of your life - strengthening the body and quietening the mind. You will be ready to show up for your life!

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Get Started...

At Trinity Pilates you can attend private, small group and mat work classes where your instructor will cater to your individual body needs giving you the attention required to create lasting changes in your body. Classes utilise the full range of classical Pilates equipment - Reformers, Cadillac, Towers, Wunda Chairs, Spine Correctors and more so you can really benefit from the whole system of authentic Pilates - this is not just a reformer workout!

Get started on your Pilates journey with our New Client Offer:


1 Initial Consultation


1 Private Class


2 Small Group Classes OR 1 Private Class*

Buy your New Client Offer by clicking below then send us an email to organise your sessions!

*Private class option is for those who choose or need to attend Private classes.

About Classes



50 mins

One on One session with an Instructor


Focus on your own personal needs and goals

Utilise all the classical Pilates apparatus


Recommended for those with rehabilitation needs.


Small Group

50 mins

4 Clients

Classes are a mix of Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and The Mat Work

3 levels of classes

Individual attention given



50 mins

2 Clients

Work out with a family member or friend in a session designed to meet both your needs

Utilise all the classical Pilates apparatus

Individual attention given

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Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows.