What to Expect

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What to Expect

An authentic Pilates class at Trinity Pilates is about movement, strength and mobility. We like to put the focus on what you can DO with your body rather than how you look. How does your body FEEL? How does your body MOVE? Pilates is progressive, you will continue to build on what you have learnt, gaining satisfaction as you are able to perform new moves with power, strength and ability. Through Pilates you will gain a sense of physical empowerment that will boost your body appreciation.

Each client must begin with an Initial Consultation where we discuss your goals, assess your current condition and recommend a class that is suitable to your needs. The Initial Consultation will include an introduction to the authentic Pilates method, including breathing, posture and initial exercises on the reformer and other apparatus.

At Trinity Pilates a studio session may include one or more of the following apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, High Barrel, Pedi-Pole and also Mat Work. The apparatus used in a session will be determined by the needs of the client. This is more than just a reformer workout!

There seems to be a lot of information to digest in the first session, however, after 3 or 4 sessions the exercises and apparatus become familiar to you and your body becomes comfortable with performing the moves. You should feel uplifted, stretched, stronger as you leave a Pilates session & invigorated for the rest of you day. Pilates is low in repetitions and works the whole body in a uniform way so no one muscle is overly fatigued by the end of the lesson.

What to Wear

In a Pilates session you will be moving in many different ways from lying to standing. It is important that you wear clothing that is suitable for this type of movement. It should not be too revealing, too restrictive or too hot. Please do not wear any clothes with zippers & remove any sharp jewelry as they can damage the apparatus. We recommend the following:

For Women: 3/4 to full length leggings; crop tops, tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeve tops. We do not recommend wearing very short shorts or long "yoga" style pants that are baggy at the bottom as these can get in the way while using the apparatus. 

For Men: bike shorts or leggings with running shorts over the top; t-shirts or tank tops.

What to Bring

Please bring with you to each session:​

  • A drink bottle - filtered water is provided in the Studio. Glasses are available if you forget your bottle.

  • A small towel - yes - you can get hot & sweaty while doing a Pilates workout! Please bring a small towel for personal use. 

  • Grip Socks - please bring a clean pair of grip socks for use during your workout. For hygiene purposes, grip socks must be worn while using foot straps on the reformer and cadillac. MoveActive grip socks are available for purchase in the Studio.