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The Ultimate Method to Be Strong For Life

Trinity Pilates is a collective of passionate Authentic Pilates Instructors bringing quality classical Pilates instruction to Hampton, Bayside.

Practice Authentic Pilates

At Trinity Pilates we believe in the classical or authentic system of Pilates, that using this method can truly change the body in the most positive ways so you can enjoy an adventurous life without the worry of aches, pains or injuries. Joseph Pilates developed this method with an intended sequence of exercises that develops the body in a uniform way. This method has been lost over time as Pilates has become a popular form of exercise and practised in multiple ways from the gym to physiotherapy. We believe in preserving the original method and practising Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended.


Use Authentic Pilates Apparatus


We believe that using the equipment that Joseph Pilates created can bring the best results as this equipment was built for the exercises that we practice. Our Studio is filled with a variety of classical Pilates equipment including Reformers, Towers, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Electric Chair, Baby Chair, Spine Correctors, Baby Arcs, High Barrel and Foot Correctors. Utlising all the Pilates apparatus allows us to use the method and system that Joseph Pilates created to your advantage. If you have done Pilates before, you will truly feel the difference that this equipment brings to the work. If you are new to Pilates - you are starting with the best apparatus there is!

Diploma Qualified Instructors

We believe that a high quality of Pilates Instruction will give you the best results. Pilates is an unregulated industry and Pilates qualifications vary to the extreme. Authentic Pilates Instructors have all been through a rigorous 600 hour apprenticeship where we work closely with a mentor that can trace lineage back to Joseph Pilates, plus a Diploma qualification.  Pilates is more than just a form of exercise, it is a discipline and classical Pilates Instructors honour and follow the pure form of Pilates as Joseph Pilates created it. 

Activate Your Powerhouse


We teach you how to activate your Powerhouse - not just your core. In Pilates every exercise comes from a group of muscles we call the "Powerhouse" - this is your abdominal muscles, glutes and inside thighs. Strengthening your Powerhouse allows you to operate from a strong centre with fluid limbs...


Find Strength in Your Body

Consistent practice of the method can bring many positive changes to the body including:

  • Mobility of the spine

  • Core strength and stability

  • Increased muscle tone and muscle balance

  • Improved flexibility and range of movement

  • Joint mobility and stability

  • Improved postural habits

  • Increased body awareness and coordination

  • Enhanced vitality, stamina and performance

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

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