What is Authentic Pilates?

What is Authentic Pilates?

Today, Pilates seems to be everywhere from your local gym to YouTube, touting the many and varied aspects in which it can "tone your core". However, Authentic Pilates is so much more than that!

While these many forms have a base in the Pilates exercises, the original method created by Joseph Pilates is the authentic philosophy - now referred to as "classical" or "authentic" Pilates, which we practice at Trinity Pilates.

Pilates or 'Contrology" as Joseph Pilates named his exercise regime, was created nearly 100 years ago as a method of reconditioning both body and mind to work at peak efficiency.


Authentic Pilates practices movement from a strong centre with a dynamic two-way stretch.​ It uses flexion, extension and oppositional forces, correct alignment and 6 principles of moving: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath and Flow. It addresses structural alignment, reinforces positive postural habits, improves blood circulation, boosts muscle power and builds endurance.

In a session of Authentic Pilates, you will work from your toes to the crown of your head, developing a long flexible spine, a strong stable core, and long, lean limbs. You will train your body to engage your core, which we call the "powerhouse" and to find your centre to move the body in all different directions, but with control. Training your body in this way takes the exercise out of the Studio into your everyday life, enhancing all your other physical pursuits, staving off potential injuries and creating lifelong mobility.

Why Trinity Pilates is truly "Authentic Pilates"

In the Pilates world there are certain factors that are required for a Pilates class to be called "authentic" or "classical". These are that the class must be taught by a Pilates instructor certified in the authentic method, who can trace their lineage back to Joseph Pilates; the class must use the method and sequence of exercises as created by Joseph Pilates; and you must practice on authentic Pilates apparatus as designed by Joseph Pilates (there are only two - Pilates Designs and Gratz, both from New York). Instructors at Trinity Pilates can all trace their lineage back to Joseph Pilates and all equipment is from Pilates Designs. We all endeavour to use the principles of classical Pilates in every class.